Guardians of the Galaxy Mix Tape tape sells over 2300 copies

Quoting Wondering Sound's numbers, Rolling Stone tipped off the man that tipped me off: George Lai, aka Mr. Pithy Shorts about the runaway success of a cassette tape release. 

Its success is due to a cassette by the same name dominating the sometimes-funny, sometimes-touching, often florid Guardians of the Galaxy.

The tape cassette, the thing that brought me up, despite its awkward DCC phase, is a bit of tech that's itching for a Headfonia Back to the Future Friday. 

Thanks George.

And now for something salient from Rolling Stone.

Compared to the 1,000 copies sold of Skrillex’s Recess, which got a cassette release limited to 3,000 copies for Record Store Day last year, and 1,000 copies of Green Day’s Demolicious, the edition of which is undisclosed, the Guardians release seems like a runaway success.

But it might have sold even more copies than reported. Wondering Sound spoke to Tricia Hedgpeth from National Audio Company, which made the Guardians tape, who told him that 11,500 copies were made last year – the company’s biggest 2014 order – and “almost 5,000 are in production now with additional reorders expected.” Although it seems difficult to account for cassettes through nontraditional means (online, for instance), a Nielsen rep told Wondering Sound that the company was confident with the number reported.