Super Bowl XLIX Battle Droid

I had no idea that one of these tournaments was on until Daring Fireball mentioned that The Verge leaked their own Super Bowl advert. While leaking a multi-million dollar advert spot may sound stupid, Super Bowl XLIX's (sic?) apparent graphic latria of the battle droid, a.k.a. the stupidest enemy in the Star Wars universe, is unforgivable. 

Check it out:

  • You got an old guy cheering it on
  • You got another old guy taking orders from it
  • You got two guys checking each other out over its shoulders, letting it play cupid, holding onto scale models of its head

And then there's the support cast: 

  • A guy on the left in the back casting a longing gaze at the droid
  • Another guy is doing a pitiful impression of Boba Fett, on his way to save it

It's 2015. Star was is hitting cinema screens at the end of the year (or, depending on how far from America you are, in 2016). Each one of us that did the Star Wars every-weekend-for-a-year-then-switch-to-Empire-for-a-year-and-finally-a-year-of-Jedi has had her hopes smashed by the green screen of death that was the prequels. 

And now this idiotic game dredges up an idiotic enemy that now is part of a growing idiocy of Star Wars canon. 

I hope the droid kills them all. Then self destructs.

Note: the battle droid image was lifted from this Star Wars page. The Battle Droid Super Bowl image was lifted from this MacRumors page.