Steve Wozniak gets eFit for custom earphones

This is the Woz getting fit for custom earphones at CES 2015. You can read all about it at part two of Head-fi's CES 2015 Highlights

The coolest part of the story (and probably why the Woz even showed up to the booth in the first place) is the 3D scanning technology United Science utilise in taking impressions of an ear. That technology is called eFit. It appears to be both safer, and more reliable, than traditional silicon impressions.

Jude explains:

What’s the big deal you ask? To start, the eFit process is easier to learn than the traditional silicone process. Also, the eFit system seems to be safer than silicone impressions. Though it has only happened to me once in many silicone impression sessions, one never forgets when the silicone goes too far—the pain can be excruciating (and my ear was sore for more than a day after my eardrum met the silicone). With the eFit system, there are some key safety measures in place. First, the inside camera also serves as a video otoscope, so the operator can see if she’s approaching something (like your eardrum). There’s also a depth gauge, marked for safety. Finally, the shape of the scanner’s body is specifically designed to keep it from going too deep.

Thanks again, Mr. Pith, for pointing this out.