A shallow review of the Sony A7 MKII

Beating search engine spiders in order to maintain traffic, and Google rank, requires verbosia. It requires cut-copy-insert-paste style reviews. Here's what I mean:

Here are some images taken by (name of camera) which just got released. It is so new and hot. And the (name of feature) is vastly improved. This review of the (name of camera) will show you how (name of city) looks like [sic] through the great (name of lens) and (name of camera) combination.

Do that as often as possible. You will beat Google. Your If you're an honest blog like the super-honest The Phoblographer, you'll even put out out a proviso:

At the moment of initially publishing this review, we haven’t done a lot of in-depth testing for the reason that Adobe Lightroom doesn’t support the RAW files at the moment, so we’re going to update this section when that happens.

Why thank you, The Phoblographer. And congrats. You have just beat Google. Later on, all you got to do is change the wording of the title from 'Impressions' to 'Review', paste in some Lightroom comparos, and voila! Review!

But I prefer to have my leek soup with leeks.

Source: Review: Sony A7 MK II