Summilux FLE 35 VS Nokton 35 VS Canon LTM 35/1,5

One of Rangefinder Forum's most helpful contributors, jonmanjiro, in 2013, posted a lovely comparison of four lenses:

Leica Summilux 35 FLE
Voigtländer M Nokton 35/1,4 MC
Voigtländer M Nokton 35/1,4 SC
Canono LTM 35/1,5

As you can see, although many decades newer, the Noktons appear to be cut from a very similar cloth to the classic -- and much more expensive -- Canon lens. The Summilux produces noticeably smoother bokeh. I am a long-time fan of the Canon LTM 35/2, about which I wrote at length. Later last year, I sold it to a collector because its aperture blades were in poor repair and I repairing them is costly, and difficult. 

In its stead I purchased the Canon LTM 35/1,5 about which I will be writing soon.

The above Rangefinder Forum link comes from a reader named Adam, with whom I've been communicating since October of last year. Thank you Adam.