イヤホンGeek's XBA-H3/H2/H1 hand's on

Earphone Geek is a pretty well-known audio blogger here in Japan. Rightly, he got a short but good ear on Sony's new earphones. Here are a few notes from his review
XBA-H3 Highlights: ohmage

  • Wide sound stage
  •  Good high frequency extension
  • Powerful, well-resolved 30-50Hz detail
  • Great sound balance for a hybrid dynamic / balanced earphone

XBA-H3 Highlights: porridge

  • Vocals should step out further

NOTE: MMCX connection

XBA-H2 Highlights: porridge

  • Balance is poor
  • Same confused high range as EX1000
  • Cloudy high range of Sony's previous XBA series
  • Too much bass for such confused high range

NOTE I: Sound that mimics the worst of the EX1000 and the worst of the previous XBA series.
NOTE II: Earphone geek notes NO good points.

XBA-H1 Highlights: ohmage

  • High range is a clear improvement to the cloudy presentation of the previous XBA series
  • High range still not perfect; some defects from the XBA series remain
  • Beautiful bass reproduction
  • Most mature-sounding of the new H series

NOTE: Among the new, bass-blessed H series, this model has the best cost/performance ratio.

Again, Earphone Geek's review is here.

XBA-H3/H2/H1, PHA-2: Sony are on a portable audio roll!

Fujiya-Avic released the details and pre-order info for three new large-driver hybrid earphones: XBA-H3/H2/H1 as well as the new PHA-2 portable headphone amp/DAC which will support 24/192 PCM and 2,8/5,6MHz DSD. Yes, DSD audio.  
Sony EU have more details about the new XBA series. 
Here is the PHA-2's page.

PHA-2 should retail for 55.000¥. Its predecessor, the PHA-1, bookmarked the entry of mainstream audio companies into a market that, largely, has been controlled by a number of feisty boutique manufacturers. I was ecstatic about the PHA-1. If Sony has addressed the so-so performance with low-Ω earphones, the PHA-2 should kill its target market. 

PHA-2: 55.000¥


XBA-H3: 16mm dynamic driver + 2-way balanced armature unit


XBA-H2: 13,5mm dynamic driver + single balanced armature unit


XBA-H1: 9mm dynamic driver + single balanced armature unit

This new line of portable products will debut and be ready for purchase in time for Fujiya-Avic's 2013 Fall Headphone Festival. 

 Sony is back.