Aya: FitEar's first 3D-printed production earphone

Aya is FitEar's latest custom earphone. It was released just yesterday. It's got balanced armature drivers inside, and it comes in black, with a black cable, and all that comes in a black Penguin box.

You can find out more information about it here (Japanese).

The big news is that it is the company's first 3D-printed earphone.

Why has it taken FitEar so long to release a 3D-printed earphone? Put simply, FitEar release products, and technologies at their own pace, when they feel they are ready. And the process by which they arrived at today's fully 3D-printed custom earphones was fraught with hardware and software issues. 

Mr. Suyama's lengthy Facebook harangue on the subject of German-made, German-engineered printers and support is worth the read, even in machine translation. And if you're a fan of anime, well, so, too, is Mr. Suyama. And he's got some leggy anime renditions of Aya in a China Dress. there's also a panda.

Otukaresama deshita FitEar!