Alpha Dog Music: Nigel Standford's Solar Echoes

Until this morning I hadn't heard of Nigel Standford's poppy electronic beats and melodies. Until thirty minutes ago, I had never purchased a Nigel Standford album. I now own two. Solar Echoes (iTunes 9,99$ CDN) is perfect for the slightly moody, deep-hitting Mr. Speakers Alpha Dog headphones. The As you may or may not know, the Alpha Dogs are also a recent purchase of mine. They are awesome. They used to belong to Sean Chan.

They were on my head for most of the Aurender FLOW review. They were on my head yesterday until I had to sleep. I could barely hear Japan edge out Iraq in the FIFA AFC tournament. 

And now, with my wife at work, Nigel's poppy mix of synth and organic instruments is tossing a bone to my new favourite closed headphones. It's really the mix of space and the folding of melody into rhythm that works, not only in a musical sense, but which works toward the Alpha Dog's sonic strengths. By all means check it out. 

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