It's headphone month in Japan - Fujiya Avic and e-Earphone

Last February's cold was broken by an intimate gathering of the maddest audiophiles around Japan. It's now May and temperatures tip above 20 degrees on any given day. Three months is a long time to go without a show - especially for us nerds. 

Famous Fujiya
Saturday 11 May, Fujiya Avic kicks off their Spring Headphone show in Tokyo. Most of Japan's big makers will be there as well as the upstarts and outgrowths of former biggies. Ω image is looking forward to meeting the local crazies as well as Headfi's most febrile lot: the Tokyo group. Expect pictures and endless, lusty slobber from the lot.

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UPDATE: Ω's impressions of #HPFES2013 can be found here

Location info:
 開催日 : 2013年5月11日 (土曜日)
  開催時間 : 10:30 開場 - 18:30 終了
    会場 : スタジアムプレイス(青山東京メトロ銀座線 「外苑前」駅3番出口 徒歩2分)

Not to be outdone, e-earphone will host a two-day show in Osaka on the 25-26 weekend. 2013 looks to be the year of e-earphone. Every time I set foot in that shop, I get giggly pimples of excitement. Naturally, Ω will make it to their show. The Tokyo group? I have no idea, but I hope I'll see at least one. 

UPDATE: Ω's impressions of ポタフェス Day 1 can be found here and Day two can be found right here.

Location info: 
 〒542-0076 大阪府大阪市中央区難波4丁目2−1
Japan is full of trade shows and large, nerdy gatherings. If you're in the area, stop by, say hi; we can toast amps/DACs and squeal with delight like the girl scouts we really are.