Forza Audio Works - cables good enough to munch

Forza Audio Works cables have made the rounds in TouchMyApps headphone reviews. Finally. 

In case you don't know, Forza is a cable and interconnect company run by Matthew, one of the kindest gentlemen in aftermarket audio. If TouchMyApps didn't convince you of the fact, let me reiterate: Matthew is a gentleman of the highest order. His cables are works of art. If you have an interconnect need, he can meet it.

Forza also do iPod modifications. Ω will be purchasing one in the coming months to keep abreast of the mod world (and because our beloved iPod shuffle 512MB from 2005 has finally bit it and we (I'm being cheeky here by saying 'we' as it is just me) want an upgrade).

But enough about us, the whole tamale is here.