Episode 005: How do you fit it into a Japanese apartment?

Deadpan Amos Barnett, aka Currawong, takes time out from YouTube and Headfi to arrest the long silence over here. He brings a shit microphone, but manages to be a great conversationalist anyway. We chat about large amps, the problems audiophiles face, the problems photographers face, the Bigma, the iPhone 6, and much, much more. 

A few relevant talking points include: 

ALO Audio Studio Six (ohm image)
Sigma Bigma (Sigma Global)
Sony A7r (ohm image)
Nikon D800 (Nikon Global)
iRiver AK240 (headfonia)

and more.

Be sure to check out Amos's YouTube channel, and hit him up at headfi. And if you haven't already, subscribe to OHM AIR on SoundCloud.