Episode 006: lost Fujis

Well organised as ever, Fuji X Forum admin, Timo Schnitzlein (aka Arjay) comes back to remember lost Fujifilm bits and bolts. Later, he speculates about the X-Pro 2, and cheerfully disseminates the new bits and bolts of the X100t, and some exciting firmware changes to the X-T1.

Timo has a lot of great things planned for readers of Fuji X Forum, and will be coming back to OHM AIR from time to time. 

Relevant talking points from this episode include:

Novoflex BALPRO T/S -- ohm image
Fujinon-EX 90/5,6 enlargement lens -- ohm image
Fujifilm X-Pro 1 diopter -- Fujifilm Global
Fujifilm X100t -- Fujifilm Global
Leica S (Typ 007) -- Leica Global

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