Episode 003: Photokina Ho!

Fuji X Forum admin, Timo Schnitzlein, (known in the forums and across the web as Arjay), joins me for episode 3 of OHM AIR. We discuss Fujifilm's latest announcements, sliced bread, the challenges of shooting still life with an X camera, the new X100T, why fly-by-wire rocks, why it sucks, and a flippy-floppy back-and-forth about Nikon and Fujifilm kit lenses, a strange misunderstanding about kit VS 50mm prime, and what have you. 

Meanwhile, I drink.

Timo will be heading to Photokina this week, to gather the skinny on several most-wanted items, and hopefully, will grace OHM AIR again with his presence and a proper run-down of the event. 

Relevant talking points include:

Fujifilm X100T (Fujifilm Global)
Sliced bread (Wikipedia)
Photokina (official site)
Sony A7r (OHM's scathing review; OHM's comparo of the A7r and D800 live views)
Nikon 50/1,8 (Nikon Global)
Nikon 18-55 kit lens in plastic mount (Nikon Global)
Nikon 17-55 f/2,8 pro-APS-C lens (Nikon Global)
Fujifilm 18-55 f/2,8 - 4,0 kit lens (Fujifilm Global)

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