Episode 010: Brought to you by Sennheiser

Lieven joins OHM because he doesn't want to work. He says he was able to record from his home thanks to a train strike. Yeah right. Well, at least he got time to discuss the finer points of what Calyx got right, and wrong, with the M DAP. 

Lieven points out that I'm stuck on portable gear. I think we sussed it.

Relevant topics include:

FitEar fitear - AV Watch 'mini review'
Calyx M - Headfonia reivew
Expensive portable gear
Making pointless audio gear
The original ALO Rx - TouchMyApps review

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Note: I had issues with software compression from the getgo. I didn't suss them in time. The result is the worst-sounding OHM AIR in history. My apologies.