Episode 009: Audiophile memes and the RHA T10i

Marcus Downey of Headfonics.com joins OHM AIR to chip-chop audiophile memes whilst running on and on about the RHA T10i. Marcus is a self-described 'geek lemming' who's owned eclectic classics like the Jecklin Float, Sony's PFR-V1's, and a number of STAR WARS die cast models. He's also a dude that owns a crappy mic. 

Relevant topics include:

Headfonics's review of the RHA T10i
Jecklin Floats
STAR WARS die cast models
Sony PFR-V1

... and beer.

It was a good one. Be sure to follow OHM AIR on Sound Cloud, and check out Marcus's, and others's work over at Headfonics.com and at their Facebook page.