The Korean War as shot by David Duncan and the Nikkor 5cm/1,5

Leicaplace  moderator, Brian, has put up a brilliant article comparing Nikkor's rare 5cm/1,5 rangefinder L39 LTM lens with the Zeiss Sonnar 1,5/50mm. The historical venue is the  David Douglas Duncan's Korean War.

Thanks to being sandwiched between the more publicised Vietnam War and WWII, the Korean War just happens to become the "Unknown", or "Forgotten" war. Amid the bloodshed and manipulation caused by the clash of two opposing ideologies, a new brand of journalist appeared. Duncan happened to epitomise that journalist. 

He also just happened to be the photographer who shed light on some of Japan's finest optics, lifting Japanese camera companies from the quagmire of obscurity to the forefront of industry. 

His photographs also aided the end of the war. The most iconic appear in the Leicaplace thread.

True to form, Brians images were taken on a Leica M9 and depict both WWII and the Korean War - as they are recreated in museum. Though Brian does't invoke the brick wall or resolution tests, he provides anecdotal evidence that Nikkor lenses could rival the best from Germany.

It's worth a look