Should Fujifilm ditch X-Trans?

DPReview user, Terry Breedlove, thinks so. And judging by the number of likes his post has received (19 as of now), he is hardly alone. 

The purpose for the Xtrans was to lose the AA filters the Bayer sensors used to combat Moire. Well since then we have learned that Cameras like the Nikon D7100 and other Bayer sensor cameras with higher Megapixels do not need the AA filters. So the Xtrans is a chip with no purpose anymore. Even Fuji’s own little Bayer sensor camera the Xa1 is making some really nice images as well. So why put up with mushy greens and plastic skin at high ISO . Why put up with poor output when processing Raw images when there is no need to. Why use off brand software when there is no need to anymore. I really like Fuji lenses and the way they support their cameras. I love The way Fuji has always produced colors especially skin tones. I want to buy into their system if it was better supported by Adobe. I just think that will not happen with the Xtrans because of its inherent faults. I love Fuji colors If Fuji could work their magic with a Bayer sensor I am in 100% . Also while I am here I would love to see a Fuji camera similar to the X-T1 in size but with modern controls. Something built for Pros shooting weddings etc.

This is my own personal opinion and not meant to offend anyone. I hope Fuji is reading and thinking about these issues. I believe that they will eventually ditch the X-Trans . I hope sooner rather than later.
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Personally, I wish Fujifilm would away with X-Trans, but only because of the amount of time it takes my computer to process X-trans files vs. higher resolution Bayer files. That said, outside of images taken for review, I never use X cameras for my work.

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