Nikon Df vs D800 vs Canon 6D high ISO test at DPReview

DPReview reader, Horshack, tested Nikon's Df, D800, and Canon's 6D at ISO speeds from 3.200 to 102.400. The output of each camera was down-sampled to 8MP. The results are both surprising and not.  It is clear, however, that Nikon's files are friendly to heavy digital pushing than are Canon's files.

When asked why he chose to test ISO speeds of up to 102.400, Horshack explained that it:

illustrates the thermal noise issues with the active electronics on the Exmor chips pretty clearly. It would be very interesting to compare the images after performing a proper black-frame subtraction on the D800 files. It is possible to mitigate that noise, and even though it takes some extra work, the results can be very nice.

For obvious reasons, I think LENR should be an option for D600/D800 users full time.

The below image represents what each camera is capable of at ISO 100 with a five-stop digital push.