DPReview: Sony Alpha 7 Review

At long last, their review is up. As always, DPReview write with more benevolence than strictly is necessary. Between the lines, I read that they disliked using the a7/r for myriad interface flaws, but dig the output. Me too. They didn't get into things like the a7r's shoddy build quality (when opposed to Olympus OMD-EM series) for the price, but then again, they are in the business of selling cameras. Ω took a lot of flack for writing a scathing article about the a7r. But then again, I expect a lot more than the regular camera enthusiast. What I got was a great sensor tacked to a poorly built body

I have now shot two semi-large commercial routines with the a7r along with a few small assignments. What sold me originally, potentially great image quality and a large, sharp LCD, still get me in my dong. They are great. But if I were anything but a studio-based still life photographer, I would choose anything but the a7r. It is wickedly shortsighted in ways that boggle the mind of a person who has shot and used various cameras across various media for two decades. 

Perhaps this camera was aimed at the person who has never shot anything but point and shoots. That would make the most sense. Sony shot for the moon, but scaled so far back that they outpaced the competition in cheapening a product's base quality platform. They kept the rockets (great sensor) but shed the seat belts and landing gear. Shame.