DPReview: Can not select Aperture with my new XE2 and zoom lenses

DPReview member, skutters, had difficulty discovering how to use aperture priority with his XF zoom lenses. He had no problem using it with his primes. Had Fujifilm labelled the aperture rings of their variable aperture lenses (as had been done for decades by various manufacturers), not to mention install aperture lenses on every lens, such confusion wouldn't ensue. 

I have picked up my new system today XE2 with 14mm, 56mm and 18-55, 55-200 i am going through the manual learning my new camera one thing that i can not figure is that the camera wont let me use Aperture Priority. In the menu for setting Aperture function it is grayed out so i cant set anything so can not change aperture with the wheel.

Any ideas what is going on am i missing something?.

The good news is that skutters figured it out. The bad news is that Fujifilm are removing labels and stops even from their fixed aperture zooms. 

DPReview: Can not select Aperture with my new XE2 and zoom lenses