United Science's eFit 14-megapixel ear-scanning headphone camera

What you see isn't a headphone. It's a 3D ear scanner comprising three fourteen megapixel cameras which flash away at your oracular nether regions at 20 frames per second. It's canvas? 3D impressions of your ears, which are sent to earphone, earplug, or hearing aid companies.

Headfi's got more:

Let’s start with that headphone-looking device. Those dots on it are called tracking fiducials. Among many other things, the handheld scanner contains three 14-megapixel cameras, running at around 20 frames per second. As Karol describes it, “The two outside cameras look at the dots on the headset the customer is wearing. The position of the three-camera system is calculated, relative to the headset the customer is wearing. The third, middle camera is used to reconstruct each slice, either ring or line. As the three-camera system is moved, we reconstruct the whole ear, by assembling the slices.