'Mirrorless is the tablets of the camera world'

Speaking of DPReview's interview with Samsung, clickbait, and all that, DPReview member, sfpeter, distills the state of mirrorless cameras perfectly: 

I’m as attached to a mirror as I am to whether you turn the on switch left or right. Right now mirrorless cameras are for the most part like advanced bridge cameras that can change lenses. Give me a mirrorless that is full frame, has the picture quality, battery life, and performance of a DSLR ad I’d use it. It HAS to have an EVF, and really the only shooting advantage I’ve seen is the display shows more clearly what the end result image will look like. Otherwise I keep feeling like mirrorless is the tablets of the camera world, something manufacturers tell us we need but we’re not too sure yet.

Of course, mirrorless cameras must be defined as a non-Leica dSLR-alike interchangeable cameras that rely on a naked sensor for all photographic tasks from focusing to exposure. And, which are marketed as 'small', 'light', and 'the future of photography', among other things.

Thom Hogan addressed the interview perfectly in his article entitled: How Internet News Distorts Things.