Sword Coast Allows a DM to Run the Adventure

Enworld's Morrus unearthed this lovely:

Developer Dan Tudge mentions the setting. “You can certainly expect to visit iconic locations along the Sword Coast and you may even run into a few familiar faces along the way.” He also goes on to talk about how the game actually works: “Dungeon Master Mode is going to allow players to quickly jump in and play as a real-time DM in a way that has never really been fully realized in a video game. DMs are able to adjust encounters, place, promote, manage and even control monsters, set traps, reward and punish party members – all in real time”

Not only that, but a Campaign Mode allows for much larger storylines, and a Single Player mode allows one player to lead a groups of adventurers recruited within the game.

Which, if you're a fan of pen-and-paper RPGs, as well as computer MMOs, is as awesome of news as you can get. The only fly in the ointment is this:

it’s not clear what worldbuilding tools or custom content can be included.

Nevertheless, with Dan Tudge at the helm, and him standing on the time-honoured tradition of making your mates suffer through your stratagems, I'm hopeful.