porridge to the turds at cymbacavum

Some of headfi's tightest headphone reviewers hang out at cymbacavum, where Ω daily goes to ball-up on finely crafted audiophilese. Nearly every word written over there is gold. And recently, the cymbas gave a heart-warming shout out to Ω. Thank you sirs. 

Feeling's mutual.


Your bloody skipper got me started on the Astrotech AX-60... and what I hope isn't a turn into financial ruin. Ω cannot thank him for finding a great-sounding blue earphone, nor can Ω thank him for prodding Ω on to find the awesome Aussie earphone shop, Noisy Hotel, or some such place. Ω certainly can't thank him for including him in the AX-60 tour that sent Ω on a precipitous spending spree. (The wife has caught on.) So hooked as Ω may be on what he now affectionately call the AXE; simultaneously Ω is waiting for the chance to bop your big boy with one of his frenzied five irons.

Ho hum.