First DTS Headphone:X release is Man of Steel soundtrack

The first DTS Headphone: X release is the Man of Steel soundtrack. You can buy it on CD or grab the Z+ Music app for iPhone. The app comes with direct links for purchasing the album.

Headphone:X is supposed to simulate Mr. Zimmer's studio in full surround sound, no matter what headphones you are using. It does not.  What it does sound like is a low powered vacuum cleaner sucking at your eardrums- but in incredibly high fidelity and from a few thrown-together faux 3D angles. Centre? Pawsh! Impossible. Ditto back both up and down.  

Left and right, though: those come in like dandies in a Jane Austen film.  

Z+ allows you to choose between the following settings: earbuds, on-ear headphones, and over-ear headphones. In the demo, Hans Zimmer whispers magical words like, "right rear front" and "left centre" into your ear. You will get ticklish with excitement.  

Co-developed with Hans Zimmer, DTS Headphone:X codec is poised to soak up headspace among the young, the impressionable, the owners of crappy headphones. Experienced listeners will realise that no software dohickery can replace a good pair of ear speakers. I would happily eat my hat if that weren't true. Happily.
The peeps in the following video don't seem sold.


Super-spotted by What HiFi?