HeadFi Shutdown very against, and very for, the headphone world

The below tweet from 28 August (linking to this CIEM post last week):

This is my answer to a question I received from a Headfi member regarding CIEMs, acrylic shells, and the brands,... http://t.co/Nc5KGCc1ED 

was favourited by Twitter user, HeadFi Shutdown, (@HiFiNazis2). HeadFi Shutdown very frankly asks the world, "How many DICKS are they sucking over there?" 

Thus far, HeadFi Shutdown follows no one, has no followers, and wears HeadFi administrator, Amos Barnett's mug to the world. It retweets and favourites the usual stories in the usual way. By all accounts, it is a normal audio account. 

But @HiFiNazis (ostensibly, its precursor) has been suspended.

A few questions plague me:

Who is @HiFiNazis2? Will there be a sequel? How many dicks are they sucking over there? And how can I get there? Do they accept sloppy 2s? Sloppy 3s?

These questions, and more, will be answered in short order. Stay tuned.