Episode 024 - A new cable Believer

Head-Fi admin, Steven Segall disciple, and deadpan YouTube audiophile gear reviewer, Amos Barnett, returns to co-host OHM AIR post-hoc Fujiya Avic's latest headphone show. We talk Linum cables, the demise of lightning/thunderbolt, sucky interfaces, a modern iron maiden, garrotting with Aurisonics's cables, and a custom earphone I reckon is destined to become the gold standard for trance fans.

Relevant links:

1. Satolex DH291-D1 hi-res USB headphones

2. Linum cables

3. iron maiden

4. the modern iron maiden, aka Onkyo's HA300

5. Astell&Kern AK380

6. Lotoo PAW 5000

7. iFi Retro 

8. FitEar Aya

9. RHA T20

10. A new cable believer feat. Linum cables

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