AKG K3003 vs. Shure SE846 at Head-fi

Head-fi's dleblanc343 has put up a one-on-one shootout between two flagships, the European AKG K3003 and Shure's new SE846, which I demoed back in May. dleblanc343 found the SE846 better than the K3003 for these reasons: 

1. They're a better end product overall. The detachable cables being the biggest motivator for most to be willing to dish out a grand on earbuds. You get usable transport cases, a earphone that is less prone to kinks and cosmetic damages, more vast selection of tip options (not including aftermarket), and much much better isolation from noise. Comfort and hold is also superior.
2. They sound better with most genres of music and are an overall more realistic listening experience.

From a holistic perspective I tend to agree. The SE846 comes with a fit more traditional to both portable audiophiles and stage musicians. Its cables are robust, detachable, and use MMCX connections. Its selection of ear tips is massive, and it provides a more coherent sound experience. 

Both earphones represent incredible technological leaps forward and both represent the respective tops of their classes. If sound weren't the deciding factor for most prospective customers, fit could be. The Shure's fit could be summed up thusly: strap in and down; the AKG's like this: push in.

Expect more and more Shure SE846 reviews to trickle in.