OHM AIR episode #013: Legally Inactive (Part 1)

John Darko (of DAR fame) joins OHM AIR for part 1 of Legally Inactive, a ridiculous rejoinder to CES, to monolithic reviews, and to the assumption that one is bred or born, or turned into, an audiophile. We is what we is, is what I say. All the time.

We tackle tough subjects such as:

1. Las Vegas Doughnuts
2. .NET
3. AC/DC's beards... or is it ZZtops's beards?
4. being born an audiophile
5. brand tribalism
6. the Aurender Flow (Nathan's headfonia review)

And a hell of a lot more. Be sure to tune in to part 1 of this show. Be sure to be ready for part 2. Then, head Digital Audio Review for the urbanest audio reviews the personal and home audio world has to offer. John is a soft-touching star. And that's why I like him.