How BMW came to the K-thunk sound of the 4 Series Gran Coupe

Yes, this Medium article is an unabashed BWM advert. But it shows how audiophile sensibilities carry from the whisky chair to the highway. 

The moment the door connects with the frame, the metal parts of the latch collide creating a low but audible click. A thunk follows more clearly as the dampers and seals compress, decelerating the door nearly instantly as it locks in place, deadening the sound at once to create a crisp and precise effect.

My parents drove what they called a 'Swedish tractor'. The doors of our Volvo 840 didn't sound bad, but every time I heard doors close on a BMW, or some Lexus models, my insides rose up in salute. They said: that was how a car door should sound.

As with all things luxury, it is the little things that count. 

Source: Click, Clack, K-thunk How the Perfect Car Door Sound Is Made