OHM AIR episode #11: Brought to You by Tenga, a Revolution in Male Pleasure

OHM AIR was joined yet again by the superciliousest SAT tutor this side of Titan, Thomas Tsai, MD. Tsai himself described this episode as the lowest point in OHM AIR's short history. We laughed. We cried. We talked extensively about naked ladies. And male masturbation toys.

We got an infusion of culture thanks to a chit-chat inspired by Digital Audio Review. I suppose just talking about Celsus DACs, too, drew us up.

Relevant talking points include:

Celsus Companion One - Celsus
Naked Ladies at audio festivals - ohm image
Girls Aloud - Digital Audio Review
Chamonix View Cameras - Chamonix
Tenga Male Masturbation toys - Tenga Global

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