CNET: Toss your ear buds and get a decent headphone

Update: cleaned up the worst grammar boners.

We all get that included earbuds don't sound perfect, or isolate all that well. Steve, you're preaching to the choir. But telling people to toss (as in throw away) their earbuds is both mean, and short-sighted. 

Firstly, it is mean: there are millions of people with broken buds that neither need, nor want, better-sounding, or better-isolating, replacements. Finding one of these people should take two seconds. If you don't need your buds, hand them over to someone that does. You will save that person a few bucks, and our living space unnecessary pain.

No one should toss anything they don't need. Each of us should act responsibly. But if you can't act responsibly; if you absolutely have to toss your earbuds, by all means follow these simple steps:

1. kindly ask for Steve Guttenberg's address
2. gather as many unwanted buds as possible
3. drive to Steve's house
4. unload the back of your dumptruck on his garden
5. peel out

If you don't live too far, paperboy them on his lawn. Remember, it was his suggestion.