2013 ohmage portable audio

Portable audio users like a cancer grow. Ho ho ho. And in the stockings of good boy and girl audiophiles go Santa's greatest gadgets. Ho ho ho. 2013 has seen some impressive gadgets- it may, in fact, be the year most impressive year among the last few (cue DJ Tiësto's In My Memory).

I'll keep things simple though: one earphone, one amp, one DAC, one portable player.


1. Earphone of the Year: Earsonics SM64
ohmage: sound, fit, sensitivity/impedance
porridge: cable, finish quality

Price: 399$ USD

Reviews: ohm image, the headphone list

RHA-MA350 grill.jpg

1,5. Earphone of the Year II: RHA MHA350
ohmage: sound, price, 
porridge: cable, fit

Price: 39$

Reviews: ohm image, Lachlan Likes a Thing


2. Portable amp of the Year: Tralucent T1
ohmage: sound, driving cleanliness, resolution
porridge: LED brightness, gain too high

Price: 259$ USD

Reviews: TouchMyApps, In Ear Matters

Theorem720DAC Solo DB.jpg

3. Portable DAC of the Year: Cypher Labs Theorem 720 DAC
ohmage: sound, driving power, highest resolution in class, connectivity
porridge: volume pot, background noise

Price: 679$ USD

Reviews: ohm image, Headfonia

Fiio-X3 Jay-Z ES10.jpg

4. Portable player of the Year: Fiio X3
ohmage: sound, driving power, resolution
porridge: interface, playback issues, build quality

Price: 200$ - 300$ USD

Reviews: ohm image, Headfonics, Headfonia