Episode 019 - Matthew Osborne, aka Mr. Leica

In his first visit to OHM AIR, photographer and photo instructor Matthew Osborne gives the shoutout to bellows and large format photography, Leica, Leica owners, Leica weddings, rangefinders, and more.

I have followed Matthew's flickr stream for yonks. He's an addict that uploads brilliant images daily. His weddings style is unique, engaging subjects as pieces of art rather than set-piece snapshots.

Relevant links:
Speed Graphic -- graflex.org/speed-graphic/
Rollei X-ACT 2 -- www.kktpc.co.jp/200pix/rolleix-act2.pdf
Matthew's weddings and workshops -- matthewosbornephotography.wordpress.com

Of course, you can follow all of Matthew's goings on at Mr Leica -- mrleica.com, and check out his amazing flickr stream -- www.flickr.com/photos/32681588@N03/