Episode 026 - OHM A.M. Campfire Audio Andromeda

This is a public service announcement! OHM AIR is back on the air. New segments, this one being the first of a weekly or semi-daily one  called OHM A.M., is a catch-up of sorts. And at the centre of it is Campfire Audio's great new flagship earphone, Andromeda:


For more information, check out the articles I wrote:

1. ohm image: Campfire Audio Andromeda - Excitement engine 
2. ohm image: Campfire Andromeda - the demands of the opinion cult
3. headfonia: Campfire Audio Andromeda - topping the maker game 

In order to better understand the context of this podcast, please check out the comments in the Headfonia link above as well as the near-derailment that occurred at Head-Fi: Hello Andromeda and Nova.

Finally, check out Digital Audio Review's coverage of the latest audio shows around the world:


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