Episode 022 - Responsibility of the Privileged

Popular audiophile/photophile Disqus guru (and robot-in-hiding), Dale Thorn, joins OHM AIR to kick off OHM AIR's first 'Bad Words' segment, Mike Mercer's expanding consciousness, how many times a person can cram four-letter words in an essay, and since we're on the topic, pussy-footing reviewers. 

Relevant links:
1. Dale Thorn's awesomely-organised website: 

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3. Dale Thorn's review of Audio Engine's D3:

4. My review Audio Engine's D3:

And this episode's main time sucker, Mike Mercer's ridiculous: 
5. Responsibility of the Privileged:

6. Mike Mercer's new tumblr site: 

Be sure to check out www.dalethorn.com, and keep an ear out for his next appearance on OHM AIR. If you're a Leica fan, Dale spells out, sans bullshit (and sadly, illustrative photos), the modus operandi of the MM