Speaking of X100s: iPhone 6 vs. Regular Camera

Charlie Sorrel puts up a good one for the camera in the iPhone 6. The regular camera he uses? The Fujifilm X100S. Most amazingly, iPhone 6 jpegs hold up very well to post-processing.

The JPGs from both cameras take this abuse rather well. Even zoomed in to 100%, and with the red and orange sliders slammed all the way over to the right, there are no troublesome artifacts.

The entire article is worth a read. 

Source: iPhone 6 vs. Regular Camera … Fight!

John Gruber uses a Fujifilm X100s

It looks as if, even old Mr. Canon himself, has picked a lil' something something to fill the tap between his pocket camera, and his Canon 5D. And he loves his X100s:

I own and adore the year-old X100S. The T update brings face detection, Wi-Fi, the silent electronic shutter, and a few other improvements, but not enough for me to consider upgrading. This is a great camera.

For those of you in the not-know, John Gruber is a design and interface blogging guru. If a thing is broken, he rails on it. In his short post, he praised the X100s. Had he more time, would he have railed on Fujifilm's breaking of half and third-stops from the exposure and aperture dials to unlabelled rear dials?


Does is his critical eye limited to computer software and hardware? Today's Daring Fireball post is in response to Ken Rockwell's glowing X100T review.

Source: Ken Rockwell Reviews the Fujifilm X100T