Episode 024 - A new cable believer

Head-Fi admin, Steven Segall disciple, and deadpan YouTube audiophile gear reviewer, Amos Barnett, returns to co-host OHM AIR post-hoc Fujiya Avic's latest headphone show. We talk Linum cables, the demise of lightning/thunderbolt, sucky interfaces, a modern iron maiden, garrotting with Aurisonics's cables, and a custom earphone I reckon is destined to become the gold standard for trance fans.

Relevant links:

1. Satolex DH291-D1 hi-res USB headphones

2. Linum cables

3. iron maiden

4. the modern iron maiden, aka Onkyo's HA300

5. Astell&Kern AK380

6. Lotoo PAW 5000

7. iFi Retro 

8. FitEar Aya

9. RHA T20

10. A new cable believer feat. Linum cables

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Episode 023 - Life after Head-Fi

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Dale Thorn is back to discuss life after Head-Fi, armature VS dynamic drivers, Star Trek, the amazing and effortless ability of Sennheiser to capture the market for ten year stints, and much, much more.

NOTE: we had multiple connection issues, and I had a cough. Apologies all around.

Relevant Links:

1. Shure SH940 VS Sennheiser HD800:…-hd800-is-he-mad/


2. Campfire Audio Lyra:…ampfire-audio-lyra

3. Final Audio Pandora HOPE VI:

4. USB-C and the new MacBook:

5. Puro Headphones:

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Episode 022 - Responsibility of the Privileged

Popular audiophile/photophile Disqus guru (and robot-in-hiding), Dale Thorn, joins OHM AIR to kick off OHM AIR's first 'Bad Words' segment, Mike Mercer's expanding consciousness, how many times a person can cram four-letter words in an essay, and since we're on the topic, pussy-footing reviewers. 

Relevant links:
1. Dale Thorn's awesomely-organised website:

2. Dale Thorn's excellent Leica Monochrom review:

3. Dale Thorn's review of Audio Engine's D3:

4. My review Audio Engine's D3:

And this episode's main time sucker, Mike Mercer's ridiculous: 
5. Responsibility of the Privileged:

6. Mike Mercer's new tumblr site:

Be sure to check out, and keep an ear out for his next appearance on OHM AIR. If you're a Leica fan, Dale spells out, sans bullshit (and sadly, illustrative photos), the modus operandi of the MM

Episode 021 - headphone measurements and the GR10

Thomas Tsai is back at OHM again, this time with a chip on his shoulder about earphone/headphone measurements, psychoacoustics, unannounced product variations, and parabolic lighting (to make earphones and models look good).

The biggest news is Cymbacavum's opening of headphone measurements. You can find out all about that here:…rom-speakerphone/

Relevant links:
1. Grado GR10 review - Headfonia:

2. Grado GR8e review - Headfonia:

3. Spin-Fit ear tips - ohm image:…arphone-ear-pieces

4. which GR10 do you have? - ohm image:…o-gr10-do-you-have

5. APS-C reach FTW - ohm image:…-advantage-over-ff

6. Canon 6D - ohm image:…h-the-canon-eos-6d

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Episode 020 - ALO Rx, Ether, stupid questions, and headphone girls's Editor-in-Chief, Lieven, joins OHM to chat up ALO's re-imagned Rx, InEar's Stage Diver 4, headphone girls, the crazy lack of standard connectors on our favourite headphones, Mr. Speakers's Ether, and a hell of a lot more.

Relevant links:
1. Stage Diver 4 review (headfonia):

2. ALO Rx: (ALO):

3. Plus Sound Cloud Nine review (Headfonia):…-get-moon-boots/

4. Mr. Speakers's Ether (Mr. Speakers):

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