Mating the Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies and Fostex TH600 - it's about whuffie, good looks, and good sound

It's no secret that I'm a fan of the Chan. It's why I've highlighted his review here at Ω. Anak's a delightful and energetic fellow that just so happens to have a great eye for material beauty. He drives a Porsche. His wife is a supermodel. And, he has mated the WA7 Fireflies with the TH600 in an iconic post at Headfi. They are a striking pair.

According to him, the combination sounds great. It's actually straddling my desk and ears at the moment. I've got agree with Sean, but I've also got to say that Graham Slee's SOLO Ultra Linear also is an excellent match for the TH600.

But, it's not black. The WA7 is, and it looks great without its top.

And damn, it looks good with the TH600. Yes, a shigzeo review will hit the net in a couple of days, weeks, or years, and yes, it will be verbose. Probably, your time will be wasted. The couple thousand words I use to spread impressions and jack up my whuffie just won't do justice to the pictures that are popping up in the TH600 and WA7 Headfi threads. 

Check them out.

Then check out my review.

Here's the beautiful couple.

Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies headphone amplifier and Fostex TH600 headphone in background