Ocharaku Flat4 KAEDE - 音茶楽 Flat4-楓

I had the pleasure of meeting with the designer of SUI and KAEDE, Mr. Yamagishi in December of 2012. He loves wood, tea, headphones, and music. KAEDE is his newest creation, an earphone that uses the same essential technology as its predecessor, the SUI, but happens to sound so much better. 

Ocharaku's designs are unique in that they employ twin elements placed back to back. Their sound is wide, detailed, and powerful. It is a sound unlike any you will find in another earphone. KAEDE never stuffs up; it is clean and well extended, flawless for vocal, jazz, and folk, though its speed and transience are tuned well for trance.

KAEDE is sold exclusively in Japan and retails for around 70.000¥, or around 780$ USD.

Visit Ocharaku's site for more information.