ALO Pan Am Rounded up in Headfi's "A Tale of Two Amps"

TouchMyApps, Audio Head, and Headfonia have blurbed here and there about ALO's Pan Am desktop/portable valve headphone amp/USB DAC. Today, Headfi put up an eloquent review of the Pan Am with comparison points drawn to Woo Audio's WA7, another USB DAC toting valve amp. 

Curra says it best:

The PanAm is deceptively small. For some reason, whenever I saw the pictures, I imagined it to be larger than it really is. The 1/4" headphone socket on the front and RCA sockets give it away though. So too are the Gateway and Passport. While the weight adds up with all three units together, any two together aren't particularly heavy and I could very realistically consider taking them with me when travelling. In fact, the whole kit would fit nicely into my Reddox Gator, along with my 11" MacBook Air with room for a good-sized pair of headphones and other gear. For this purpose ALO Audio will include a special carrying case.

Again, the full review can be read here.