TouchMyApps Review: 音茶楽 Flat4-楓 Ocharaku Flat4-KAEDE

TouchMyApps have just published their (my, really) review of KAEDE. It's gushy and long. If you don't have patience, the gist is this: it's a KISS.

[KAEDE] is quite possibly the world’s most realistic up-market earphone for audiophiles. Mr. Yamagishi got its sound, materials, and curing just right. It outperforms its direct competitors from Final Audio. Its only real fault is that for most people out there, it is impossible to get ahold of. Bugger. For you and me, Mr. Yamagishi’s got some great stuff cooking. Until then, count your pennies.

Since there is nothing that really sounds like it, and I'm a sucker for its sound, I've very seriously considered purchasing it. I am, like many, counting my pennies.