Headfonia's epic Vsonic earphone line comparison review

Headfonia, have delighted headphone fans for several years now with gushy reviews and great photographs. The latest is an epic comparison review of every Vsonic earphone currently on the market. Their conclusion on flagship GR07 MK2 efficiently sums up what is best about Vsonic's products:

At the end of the line we can conclude that the hard work that Vsonic has put into the GR07 MK2 really has paid off. It is well-built and the improvements are a true benefit for the consumer, and then I refer to assets like the variable angle nozzle. But most importantly it sounds great! Nice wide sound stage with a good imaging of instruments and that warm controlled bass in combination with smooth mids that are built up with multiple layers of detail and texture. This GR07 gives you a great deal for your money, and I’m certain that this iem swiftly finds its way to the top.

Vsonic are a quality manufacturer of earphones based in China.